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Madonna Students (and all college students alike) are looking forward to the upcoming summer vacation! For Madonna students, this semester ends on April 27th, and that day marks freedom for many individuals. Others will be embarking on a few summer classes, and spending time at Madonna throughout the summer months. But, we as ambassadors thought we would share with you some things that every college student can be doing in the summer. That way those of you who are already in college can have some creative ideas, and those of you still in High School can see what you have to look forward to!

Here are a few ideas of ways to spend your summer as a college student:

1. Volunteer: College is about finding a career and creating yourself into a professional, and what a better way than getting experience in your field while committing yourself to something for free. Volunteering is a great way to create a network of references, build your resume, and get some hands on experience in the career you want.

2. Internships: Paid or unpaid, internships offer awesome experiences for college students in their field of interest. You can find internships at Madonna through the office of Career services, or you can just go to google and type in your major and internships (ex. nursing internships).

3. Online classes: We spoke about these before, and even if they don’t sound like all that much fun, they are a good way to get rid of a few classes. Spring/Summer terms tend to be a bit shorter than fall and winter so it is a faster way to get rid of some classes that you aren’t really looking forward to.

4. Study abroad: Studying abroad is a great experience for students, and often it can count for general education credits (that everybody needs). If you would like more information on studying abroad, we posted a blog post about that a few weeks ago. 

However you choose to spend your summer, make sure you leave some time for yourself and having fun, after all that is what summer is all about.



Another ACT prep day is coming up, and the Ambassadors are hard at work stuffing folders for the students! The students will be receiving a practice ACT test and a scoring key, so they can not only take the test at the prep day, or at their own time at home! For many students this will be their first time on Madonna’s campus, and we as Ambassadors are hoping to show them that these awesome resources for academic success don’t stop when you come to college! 

Last Saturday, the 16th, Ambassadors among many other members of the Undergraduate Admissions staff joined together to welcome prospective students onto campus at the Madonna Visit Day! Participants were able to talk to the Dean’s of their college, learn all about the things Madonna offers, and take a tour with the Ambassadors along with a time just for asking Ambassadors about what college life is really like. 

A list of the other events we will be hosting this semester is available here.

So, you’ve wanted to go to Europe your entire life, but can’t imagine being able to afford it? Well, today is your lucky day, because you’re about to find out about how affordable it truly is if you study abroad as a Madonna student! 

At Madonna there are various options to choose from if you are interested in studying abroad. First, you can do the traditional method and spend an entire semester in a different country. The possible countries you could stay in are listed here

Apart from semester-long programs, Madonna offers spring break options, summer options, and service learning options! In fact, all of these programs, including the semester-long programs count for credits towards your major! 

Madonna also offers a drastic tuition discount when you study abroad, so when all of the costs are finished you pay nearly the same amount you would to study in Michigan! 

If you have any questions concerning studying abroad or the spring break/summer programs offered through the University, you can contact Dr. Cathy Andonian at candonian@madonna.edu or you can call the Center of Study Abroad at 734-432-5351.

The flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are chirping! Spring is almost here in Livonia and especially Madonna! With spring brings registration for summer and fall classes, and the beginning of new students coming on campus. Our tour schedule is blowing up, and we are very excited to be introducing our beautiful campus to so many prospective students. Sign up for a tour here today!

So, what is the deal with midterms? They’re just exams, right? Midterms often include all of the material from the first half of the semester, so 7 or 8 weeks of information on one exam. Well, the thing about midterms, is that they can one minute be off in the far distance and the next they can attack you when you’re vulnerable and unprepared. 

The best way to tackle midterms, and finals for that matter, is to be preparing for the exam the entire semester. The best way to do this is to give up your entire social life and eat, sleep, and shower with your textbooks and notes. 


Okay, so maybe that’s not the best idea. But it is a good idea that you start studying a few days before the exam so you don’t have any late night cram sessions. This way you’ll be more likely to remember the material not only for the exam, but after the exam as well! 

The night before a midterm make sure you get a good night rest and the next morning eat a full breakfast, and you’ll be on your way to doing well on your big test! 

A few days after your exam, when your grade is posted, make sure you partake in a celebratory dance to congratulate yourself on a job well done. 


Now it’s time to start preparing for finals! 

~Happy Midterms season from the Madonna Ambassadors! (oh, and happy Valentine’s day as well ;) )


Students at Madonna this week took a trip to a the Palace of Auburn Hills to watch the Piston’s game. For only $35 dollars students were able to ride on a charter bus to the game, sit in the end court lower bowl, and get pictures on the court after the game! This trip was apart of a program led by Student Life called “Madonna Miles”.

Madonna Miles has multiple trips scheduled for this semester including a past trip to the Detroit Auto Show, a trip to the African-American History Museum (Feb. 22), and a tour of the Capitol in Lansing and the Michigan History Museum (March 15). Madonna Students have many opportunities this semester to venture Michigan with student life!

Apart from the Madonna Miles, Student life plans events all throughout the semester here on campus! These include dress-up athletic events, intramural basketball, game nights, and movie screenings in our newest lecture hall S100. 

If you are interested in learning more about Student Life on campus here at Madonna University, you can contact the office of Student Life:

Office 1411
Phone: 734-432-5427 | Fax: 734-432-5424


We are ten current Madonna Students ranging from freshman to seniors who have a passion for people and all things Madonna! We work a few hours a week in the Admissions office giving tours, helping out at events, and assisting with other tasks (like running this blog!). We all thoroughly enjoying giving tours and getting to know prospective students, and we would love for you to get to know us and pick our brains with all of your questions concerning classes, student life, or anything else college/Madonna! You can read our bios here to get more information about who we are and what we’re involved in as individuals apart from the Ambassador program.

There are many ways to contact an Ambassador for assistance:

First, we all have individual e-mails that can be found on our bio page here.

Secondly, we answer all questions on ‘live chat’ from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM on weekdays here.

The best way to contact us, though, is by meeting us in person! We assist at most Madonna events and also give daily tours twice daily (10AM & 2PM), so you can get to know us in person by signing up and attending an event or tour. You can sign up for an event on our event page, or sign up for a tour Mon-Fri here.

Last Friday, one of Madonna’s Ambassadors, Molly Bailey, went to Wyandotte Roosevelt High School in Taylor, Michigan to assist the Undergraduate Admission staff in an ACT prep day. During this scheduled visit, the students WRHS learned some tips on mastering the ACT and were also able to take a practice test in either the English or the Science section of an actual old ACT.  These old tests were real exams that were circulated a few years ago, so they are as close to the current test as possible. This experience was extremely valuable to the High School students, as data shows that students do better on the ACT every time the take it. 
If this opportunity interests you, and you do not attend WRHS, Madonna offers the same program here in Livonia once more this semester on April 6th from 9AM-12PM. If you are interested in attending this date, the information is here.

If you choose to attend Madonna University, one of the thing all of the students are raving about is a free service offered entitled SI. This abbreviation, standing for Supplemental Instruction, is a unique and important service that Madonna offers its students. SI meets before or after a difficult science or math class for an hour, and is taught by a student who successfully completed the course with an A or B. SI breaks down difficult theories, processes, and concepts to help students digest and have improved test scores. 

Along with Supplemental Instruction, Madonna offers a tutoring service through the Center for Personalized Instruction. For TRIO members, tutoring is free and for non-TRIO members tutoring is priced at a affordable rate. Tutoring sessions are scheduled for an hour or more, taught again with a student who completed the course with an A or B. Tutoring is available for almost any course offered at MU. 

For more information on TRIO, SI, and tutoring contact the 

Center for Personalized Instruction